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The Neon Javascript Library is a compact, high performance open-source cross-browser Javascript framework with an emphasis on small size.

Currently, the core library fits in less than 4kB when minified and gzipped.

Despite the small size, Neon's core library contains everything you would expect from a modern cross-browser Javascript framework, including:

  • CSS-based selection engine
  • Cross-browser event handling
  • AJAX and JSON decoding
  • Animation with easing and custom functions
  • DOM manipulation
  • Style manipulation
  • Calculation of element size and position
  • Attribute and class manipulation
  • Asynchronous loading of other Javascript
  • Familiar method chaining syntax

Neon features an innovative JSON-based notation system for generating DOM elements, and an ability to set stylesheet rules which apply to present and future matching elements.

Neon can easily be extended to add more functionality, and it plays well with other Javascript frameworks if needed. It can even be used to load as a bootstrap to load other Javascript code asynchronously.