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Release notes

New in version 1.0 (25 Aug 2013):

  • Fixed bug in .load() in Internet Explorer 10 where callback may sometimes be called too many times.
  • Fixed test failure in .removeAttribute() in Chrome 29 where removing "style" attribute may appear to be ineffective.
  • Move internally from JSLint to JSHint for code linting, and from Closure Compiler to UglifyJS for the minified version.

New in version 1.0-beta2 (5 Oct 2011):

  • .style() and .getStyle() now support 'float' - 'cssFloat' no longer necessary (but still supported)
  • Fixed .getStyle() support for property names containing dashes (to match .style()).
  • Fixed a few bugs with .load() when calling multiple times with same URL, or multiple times with same callback function.
  • Optional JSON encoding module is fixed up and now fully supported.
  • Fix bug where event handlers triggered before document.body is present may fail on legacy browsers.

New in version 1.0-beta1 (16 Sep 2011):

  • Fixed a bug in .build() where return value was sometimes not a Neon object (and was therefore sometimes not chainable).
  • Neon should now compress a lot better for those using UglifyJS to minify. Note that the minified versions on this site would be unaffected as they currently use Google Closure Compiler.
  • Fixed to comply with jslint again.

New in version 1.0-alpha2 (23 Jun 2011):

  • Fixed .getStyle() was unable to read opacity properly.
  • Fixed various issues when providing endfunc parameter to .style().
  • Fixed bug where synthesised mouseenter/mouseleave events fired too much.
  • Fixed some browser inconsistencies setting and clearing certain attributes with .setAttribute().