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Sets a attribute value on all selected elements.


neon.setAttribute(string attr, string value)


The name of the attribute to set.


The value to set the attribute to. Setting this to the empty string ("") clears the value of the attribute (see also .removeAttribute()).


This method should be executed on a selection of elements. Please see the .select() method.

Return value

This method is chainable. It returns a copy of the Neon object on which it was called.


This method allows you to set an attribute value on one or more elements at once.

Many browser and DOM HTML inconsistencies are worked around for your convenience:

  • "class" may be used to set class names (see also .addClass()).
  • "for" may be used to set the HTML for attribute.
  • "style" may be used to set inline styles (see also .style() and .styleRule()).
  • Setting "tabindex" works on all browsers and does not require a capital "I".