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The Neon Javascript Library

The fat-free open source Javascript framework

Neon is an extremely lightweight, reliable cross-browser Javascript library.

Fitting in less than 4kB minified and gzipped, the core library includes all the basics you would expect from a sophisticated Javascript framework.


  • CSS-based selection engine
  • Cross-browser event handling
  • Asynchronous loading of other Javascript
  • AJAX and JSON decoding
  • Animation with easing and custom functions
  • DOM manipulation
  • Style manipulation
  • Calculation of element size and position
  • Attribute and class manipulation
  • Familiar method chaining syntax

Neon does not try to re-define Javascript or change your coding style. It includes only the functionality you most need to take the headache out of dealing with web browsers.

Neon is compatible with all modern browsers (and IE back to version 6).

Getting started:

Try this quick start guide...